Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of LAB-TRADE sp. z o.o. and the website

I. General Information.

  1. The operator of the website is LAB-TRADE sp. z o.o., Szałwiowa 9, 03-167 Warsaw. The site collects information about users and their behavior through:

    • Information entered voluntarily in forms.
    • Storing cookies on user devices.
    • Collecting server logs by the hosting operator LAB-TRADE sp. z o.o., at Under GDPR, users have the right to access, correct, restrict, or delete their personal data processed by the website operator. Contact the operator at for data processing inquiries.

II. Information in Forms.

The site collects information, including personal data, provided voluntarily by the user. It may also record connection parameters (timestamp, IP address, browser, etc.). Data from forms is processed only for the purpose specified in the form, such as handling service requests or commercial contact. Data is not shared with third parties without user consent and may be transferred to entities providing services to LAB-TRADE sp. z o.o., such as accounting, website operators, newsletters, or other collaborating entities.

III. Information about Cookies.

  1. The site uses cookies, which are text files stored on the user’s device for web browsing. Cookies typically contain the name of the website, storage duration, and a unique number. The website operator places cookies on the user’s device and accesses them for:

    • Creating statistics to understand user interactions with the site for improvement.
    • Maintaining user sessions (after logging in), so users do not need to re-enter login and password on each page.
    • Profiling users to display tailored advertising information. The site uses session cookies (temporary, deleted after logging out or closing the browser) and persistent cookies (stored until deleted by the user). Web browsers usually allow cookie storage by default. Users can change browser settings to delete or block cookies. Restrictions on cookies may affect some website functionalities. Cookies may also be used by advertisers and partners working with the website operator. For details, read their privacy policies, such as Google Analytics’ privacy policy. Advertising networks can use cookies to display ads based on user interactions with the site, and users can manage Google ad settings.

IV. Server Logs.

User behavior information may be logged at the server level for site administration and service efficiency. Logged data includes URL addresses, request and response times, client station names (identified by HTTP protocol), HTTP transaction errors, referrer URLs (previously visited sites), browser information, and IP addresses. These data are not associated with specific users and are used only for server administration purposes.

V. Data Sharing.

Data is used only for purposes consented to by the user and shared with external entities only within legal limits. Identifiable personal data is shared only with user consent. The operator may be required to provide information collected by the site to authorized authorities under lawful requests.

VI. Managing Cookies – How to Express and Withdraw Consent?

Users can change browser settings to block or delete cookies. Disabling necessary cookies for authentication, security, and user preferences may hinder website functionality. To manage cookies, follow the instructions for your browser/system: