Expertise That Supports Your Success

At Lab-Trade, we offer advanced testing stations and a wide range of services to help our clients achieve excellence and compliance with current industry standards. Our services include:
We provide training for personnel to enhance their awareness and skills in quality control and compliance.

Training on Factory Production Control (FPC) Requirements:

We conduct audits to evaluate how your organization applies the production control system, helping identify areas for improvement.

Audit of FPC Implementation:

We assist in updating existing production control systems to comply with the latest Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requirements, ensuring compliance and avoiding legal risks.

Adapting FPC System to New CPR Regulations:

We design and implement FPC systems tailored to your production specifics, increasing efficiency and quality.

Implementation of Factory Production Control System:

We offer comprehensive services for ISO 9001:2000, including development, implementation, and auditing of quality management systems, enabling you to achieve international quality certification.

Development, Implementation, or Audit of ISO 9001:2000 and FPC Systems:


With our professional services and testing stations for thermal insulation materials, construction chemicals, sandwich panels, concrete, geosynthetics, strength, thermal permeability, geometric, and fire testing, Lab-Trade is your partner in achieving the highest quality and innovation in every project.